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    Dry rice dryer
    Wuhan Xianglaier Food Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully launched low-temperature type of rice, frozen rice and cooked glutinous rice dryer. The machine is divided into two parts, the first part is a mu
    Sweet wheat kernels, green glutinous rice and other miscellaneous grains puffed food machinery, helping small entrepreneurs to f
     Puffed snack foods, also known as extruded foods, expanded foods, and light foods in foreign countries, are a new type of food developed internationally in recent years, with broad development
    Nutritional value of expanded bean snack food
    A: Soybeans, soybeans, black beans, mung beans, etc., containing 35-50% of protein, not only several times the protein content of general plant foods and animal foods, but also
    Domestically discovered non-fried crispy soybean (soybean) processing technology
    Soymilk, tofu and dried bean curd are very widely used soy products in China. The nutritional value derived from soy beans
    Cutting machine working principle advantage
    Our continuous cutting, as long as the machine is opened, the fabric belt does not stop for one second, the fabric roller and the compaction roller are also non-stop. Because this is the only way to e
    Popcorn makes multiple millionaires
    Popcorn has made multiple millionaires in China. Wang Jianlin, who has been rated as the richest man in the world for many times, has a daily income of more than one million popcorn.
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