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      Wuhan Xianglaier Food Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully launched low-temperature type of rice, frozen rice and cooked glutinous rice dryer. The machine is divided into two parts, the first part is a multi-layer stacking type dryer and the second part is a multi-layer self-unloading dryer. It needs to be placed for 12-24 hours at the beginning of the dry period. It is necessary to keep the temperature low and keep a small amount of moisture in the ventilation and drying, so the floor space is large. In order to reduce the floor space, a single layer can be hoisted and moved, and a multi-layered structure can be used. When the multi-layer stacking is 0.5 meters per layer, people can use the tool to flip and break up, or lift the floor single layer, and use the machine to flip the cooked glutinous rice.
      The second part is a multi-layer self-unloading dryer that automatically flips without manual turning. It is suitable for the drying of block-shaped cooked glutinous rice which has been completely dispersed into single grain or less than 50 mm. It can be used for more than 5 layers in a single machine, which greatly saves space and manpower.
      Temperature controllable, can be controlled in the range of 30--70 degrees Celsius, slow drying. The dried rice grains are as bright as the sun, which is very suitable for use by manufacturers of frozen rice and frozen rice.
      The daily output can be 5-20 tons. Heating fuel can be used for biological particles, gas, fuel oil, coal burning, and the like. Household or three-phase electricity.