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    Speedy soy corn equipment

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    Food continuous automatic cutting machine

    With continuous feeding pre-pressing and multi-pass roll auto-forming, the product has a flat surface density and uniform thickness, which is truly automated and intelligent.


    Automatic roll cutting machine egg roll machine supporting machine


    2017 large air purifier

    At present, the food machinery designed and produced by the company mainly includes French crepes and European pancake equipment; automatic opening machine for pine nuts and scorpions; Shaqima (Sakima), Mitong, Maitong, and rice candy complete sets; sweet wheat kernel crispy coffee cornComplete sets of equipment; complete sets of cream, chocolate and peanut sandwich rice crackers; automatic twisting machine for handcuffs; large airflow type food extruder

    Automatic air purifier


    Rice candy extrusion granulation extruder; automatic continuous fried rice machine; sesame slicer; butterfly noodle machine; peanut candy automatic cutting machine and so on.

    Sincere cooperation, create a win-win situation

    Purchase complete sets of equipment, our company will send free technical staff to install and debug instructions


    Always insist on the simultaneous development of after-sales service

    Established in February 2001, Wuhan Xianglaier Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of snack food processing equipment.The company keeps up with the market trend and many professors and experts from many universities to develop novel, advanced and practical food machinery that meets market demands, and has more than 100 advanced machine tools such as car, planing, drilling, milling, shearing and bending.


    When purchasing complete sets of equipment, our company will send technicians to install and debug instructions free of charge, and train workers to provide processes and formulas until mass production.



    pursuit of excellence

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